Unlocking your best look: Perfect hair for your unique face shape

Our tans are starting to fade, and pumpkin spice everything is taking over – it must be fall! While the crisp air certainly brings a fresh sense of renewal, for us at Bouvi, it can feel even more invigorating than the New Year.

If you’re yearning for a transformation to match the season, why not consider updating your hairstyle for a new look? If you’re wondering which style suits your face best – the team at Bouvi has got you covered. Let’s dive in. 


Finding your face shape 101 

The first step to unlocking your best look is to know your face shape. Did you know there are several main face shapes, and most people’s faces can be categorized into them? Although some individuals may have a combination of features, the main face shapes are: 

  • Oval: Oval faces are considered the most versatile shape. They are slightly longer than they are wide, with gently rounded and balanced features.
  • Square: Square faces have a strong, angular jawline and approximately equal width and length. The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are also similar in width. 
  • Round: Round faces have soft, curved lines with similar width and length. They typically have fuller cheeks as well. 
  • Heart: Heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead and narrower jawline, often with a pointed or defined chin. They may also have high cheekbones.
  • Diamond: Diamond faces are characterized by high, angular cheekbones and a narrower forehead and jawline. The chin may be pointed or more narrow.
  • Rectangle: Rectangle faces are longer than they are wide, with a straighter, more elongated appearance. They may have a longer forehead and chin.


Three steps to determine your face shape 

To find out what your face shape is, ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. Start with the widest part of your face. Is it your forehead, cheeks or jaw? 
  2. Is your jawline round, square, or pointy?
  3. Is the length of your face short or long? 

Your answers should help you correlate your face shape to the descriptions above. 


How do I find the right haircut for my face shape? 

Now that you know your face shape, let’s look at finding the best hairstyles for you.  Each face shape has its own distinct characteristics, and choosing a hairstyle that compliments these features can make a significant difference in your overall look. 



Via @Badgalriri

With an oval face shape, you have a lot of freedom to explore different haircuts, from short pixies to long waves. Like RiRi, consider opting for styles that showcase your face’s natural symmetry and balance. 

Suggested styles: pixie cuts, long layers, and bob hairstyles that enhance your facial proportions. 



Via @PenelopeCruzOfficial 

From Penelope Cruz to Angelina Jolie, people with square-shaped faces have jawlines to die for! To soften bold angels, opt for haircuts that add silky movement to your look. 

Suggested styles: bangs with wavy bobs, textured layers, and styles that frame your face, such as shoulder-length cuts. Thinking of giving wispy bangs, like Penelope’s a try? Bouvi’s clip-in bangs offer the same cool-girl look, without the commitment. 



Via @FlorencePugh 

Round-faced folks are forever youthful– just look at the gorgeous Florence Pugh! To create the illusion of more defined cheekbones and a slimmer face, try a hairstyle that adds structure and height. 

Suggested styles: long layers, angled bobs, asymmetrical cuts, and hairstyles with volume at the crown, like Miss Flo’s. 



Via @naomi 

We love a queen with high cheekbones, just like fashion icon Naomi Campbell. The goal for those with heart-shaped faces is to balance the width of the forehead with your jaw. 

Suggested styles: layered styles, side-swept bangs, and chin-length bobs. Get Naomi’s long, layered tresses with Keratin bond extensions for a natural look. 



Via @VanessaHudgens 

While diamonds are a girl’s best friend – a diamond-shaped face is actually quite rare. If you have a diamond-shaped face like Vanessa Hudgens, the key is to choose a style to highlight your striking cheekbones, while softening the angles of your face. 

Suggested styles: textured layers like Vanessa’s, pixie cuts, or a side-swept fringe. If you want to experiment with length, we recommend trying clip-in or tape-in extensions to achieve the desired look. 



Via @IamSandraOhinsta 

Some commotion for the jawline, please! Rectangle-shaped faces are longer than they are wide, featuring an elongated and elegant appearance. If you have a rectangle-shaped face, like Sandra Oh, the objective is to create balance. 

Suggested styles: shoulder-length cuts, layered hairstyles, long bobs, and styles that add volume on the sides to create width – like Sandra’s curls. 


The last word 

How gorgeous are these styles? While every face shape is beautiful, finding the perfect haircut to enhance your natural features can help you achieve a harmonious balance. 

Consult with a professional hairstylist, like Bouvi’s founder, Shalaine Bouvier, who can provide personalized recommendations based on your unique face shape and preferences. Our top priority at Bouvi is to deliver you the stunning confidence that can only be achieved by having beautiful hair, so you can always look and feel your best. 

Learn more about Bouvi’s quality hair extensions.  

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