Extensions 101: Everything you need to know about the secret to gorgeous hair

POV: You’re scrolling through Instagram, and you keep seeing photos of long, luscious locks. Before you start to feel just a little jealous (don’t worry, we’ve all been there!), we’ll let you in on a little secret – they’re most likely hair extensions. 

That means that you, too, can achieve an envy-inducing mane with the right products and know-how. So whether you’re a hair extensions newbie or have tried them before but haven’t found the perfect solution yet, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know. 


What are hair extensions? 

Hair extensions are hair accessories that can instantly add length and volume to your tresses. They can be clipped, glued, or sewn into your natural hair, either using human or synthetic hair. From sleek and timeless to boho-chic, extensions can easily help you achieve your desired vibe. 


How do I choose the perfect hair extensions? 

When it comes to hair extensions, finding the right solution for you is crucial. From tape-ins, weaves, braidless weaves, clip-ins, ponytails and even clip-in bangs – we’ve tried them all and offer a wide selection of extensions to suit your needs. But, our current top choice is the Bouvi Hair Keratin Bond extensions. Take it from us – these babies are absolute game-changers! 


How do extensions work their magic? 

Depending on the type you choose, the application process varies. If you’re using the Keratin Link extensions, they are applied one by one using heat waves, which fuses the keratin bond with your hair. The extensions are laid down in neat rows, ensuring they are covered by another section of hair, so they can’t be seen – even when you rock a high, sassy ponytail. 


How do I extend the life of your hair extensions? 

Infrequent hair washers rejoice – hair extensions don’t need frequent washing like our natural hair does. When you do decide it’s time for a rinse, stick to lukewarm water and a sulfate-free shampoo to keep those extensions looking fresh. Be sure to be gentle, and avoid vigorous washing near the bonds or clips. 


Can I still swim with extensions? 

If you’re planning on spending the summer by the pool or on the beach, we’ve got you covered. Yes, you can swim with your extensions. Just remember not to leave them soaking too long and dry your hair off as soon as you’re out of the water. 


What are some tips to keep my extensions looking their best? 

Some TLC is key to keeping your hair looking fabulous. Here are some tips to keep your extensions looking great for longer: 

  • Wash them with care 
  • Never sleep with wet extensions 
  • Brush them gently 
  • Give your extensions a weekly conditioning treatment 
  • Keep heat damage at bay 
  • Separate the bonds daily for maximum comfort
  • Get your beauty sleep on a silk pillow. 


What about using hair product? 

When it comes to hair product, less is more. Straight-hair extensions are pretty amazing without too many products. But if you’re feeling adventurous, go for a heat protectant, dry shampoo, or shine spray, but use product sparingly. 

Can I dye my extensions? 

Yes! Bouvi’s real hair extensions are made with ethically-sourced natural hair, so you can absolutely dye your extensions to match your ever-evolving style. You can go darker, lighter, or even bleach them.


When do I say goodbye to my hair extensions? 

The lifespan of your extensions depends on the type you have. Fusion extensions typically last 2-3 months, tape-ins last around 4-8 weeks, and hand-tied extensions can stay put for 3-4 months. But, keep in mind that your hair growth rate also plays a part – the faster your hair grows, the sooner you’ll want to reinstall your extensions. 


How do I find the right length? 

The length of your hair extensions is completely up to you. Before you go all in, think about the style you’re aiming for. From there, explore the options available to find the right length for you. Bouvi offers a wide selection of options, so you can play around with our clip-ins first to get a sense of your look. 


How long does it take to apply extensions? 

The application time will vary, depending on the method you choose. If you opt for Micro-link extensions, it will take slightly longer than the tape-in method. It all depends on your hair’s needs and how many grams of hair you’re adding in. On average, the extension application process takes anywhere between 1-4 hours. 


How do I remove extensions? 

When it’s time to remove your extensions, it will take about 1-2 hours. It’s not a painful process in the slightest, but it will require awesome patience. With a trained professional, it will be easy-peasy. 


What if I have thin hair? Will my extensions show? 

Thin hair? No problem! Finding a stylist who specializes in working with thin hair is key. Micro bonds can work wonders, creating an effect of invisible hair extensions that blend seamlessly with your natural locks. 


How long should my hair be before I get extensions? 

To rock your extensions, you’ll want your natural hair between 8-14 inches long – depending on the type of extensions you choose. Where’s the measuring tape? 


What’s the best way to sleep with hair extensions? 

Here’s our tips to help you snooze as peacefully as possible with extension: 

  • Brush your hair before bedtime, 
  • Swap your regular pillowcase for a silk one 
  • Wrap your hair in a satin head scarf.  


How do I prepare for my extension appointment? 

Follow these steps for a fast appointment, and flawless results. 

  • On the day of your appointment, shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo to strip away any oils or buildup 
  • Rinse and repeat, ensuring your hair is squeaky clean
  • Avoid using conditioner or styling products, so those bonds will stick like glue. 


The last word 

Now you’re armed with all the knowledge you need to find the perfect extensions for you! But if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us and our team will be happy to assist. 

Check out our selection of extension types, and have some fun while you experiment with your new look. Fabulous hair knows no limits, and with the right extensions, you’ll feel that gorgeous confidence that thick, luscious locks can bring. 

CTA: Extensions are (literally) an extension of yourself. Find your perfect look. 

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