6 top hair trends you can actually try in 2023

Hair trends come and go, but something about warm weather makes us crave a fresh look to enjoy the summer right! So we rounded up the top hair trends that are going to keep trending this summer and into the fall. But best of all, these trends are actually low-commitment with the proper tools, so you can give it a try without worry! Let’s dive in. 


1. 90s blowouts 

Via @haileybieber 

90s and Y2K fashion ruled 2022, and is still going strong in 2023. So, naturally, hair is following suit. But if you’re not into oversized barrettes and butterfly clips – don’t sweat it! The bouncy blowouts of the 90s are back in full swing, and stars like Hailey Bieber and Sydney Sweeney have been spotted absolutely rocking them. 

So how can you achieve this look? Over-direct your round brush when blow-drying to make sure it’s angled away from your face for more lift. Now go embrace your 90s supermodel! 


2.The extreme want of fringe bangs

Via @selenagomez

People are simply not getting over fringe bangs. Bangs are the epitome of cool-girl hair – but it’s a dramatic change that can’t be reversed, which makes them incredibly daunting to try.

If you’re daydreaming about taking the plunge but aren’t ready to fully commit, check out Bouvi’s clip-in bangs. It’s a fun, low-commitment way to switch up your look that could save you months of waiting for your bangs to grow out again. 


3. The “French new wave”

Via @dualipa

If you love long beachy waves, consider the “French new wave” as a fresh take. Slightly elevated, the style offers gentler waves, lots of texture and a more brushed-out look. Think second-day hair, but with shine and minimal effort – in other words, perfect for spring in Canada! Everyone from Priyanka Chopra to Dua Lipa is trying the trend, meaning it’s also officially cool-girl approved. 

So how can you achieve the look for yourself? Start by adding extra oomph at the roots with a volumizing mist. Next, you’ll want to curl your hair in alternate directions using tongs, so your curls are unstructured and relaxed. Finish with hairspray. 


4.Long, pin-straight hair 

Via @khloekardashian

The long, pin-straight hair has been brought back to life as part of the Y2K trend (think Jennifer Anniston as Rachel Green in the early 2000s), but celebrities like Khloe Kardashian’s recent adoption may have something to do with its resurgence. 

Unless you have super long and thick hair (lucky you!), you’ll need some stealthy extensions to achieve this look. If you’re thinking of rocking long tresses for a few months, we recommend the Bouvi keratin bond extensions that are bonded to your real hair. Or, if you just want to experiment for the night, we recommend tape-ins as a lower maintenance option. 


5. Bubble ponytails 

Via @blushgirlsalon

Although it’s a classic, the sleek “clean girl” look is so hot right now. But if you’re looking to elevate your pony or go from day to night, try the bubble ponytail trend. This simple style works best if you have long hair that you can cinch with scrunchies and bows to create the “bubble” effect. If you’re looking for some added thickness, clip-in ponytail extensions are a great option to help you achieve extra volume. 


6. Bobs are back 

Via @simonatabasco

Bobs are making their way back into the spotlight this spring! The “Chanel bob” is gaining popularity as a modern take on the classic bob, with a blunt cut at chin length (think everyone’s favourite anti-hero, Lucia, from White Lotus). The look is often paired with bangs to give it a high-fashion, Parisian feel. Simple, sexy and sleek, it’s also relatively low maintenance. 

Bobs typically require full commitment, which can be a challenge if you’re like us and you love to play around with different styles. If you want to get in on the bob action without losing your length, consider a real hair wig – coming soon to Bouvi. 


The last word 

Whatever hairstyle you decide to rock this spring and summer, we know it will be amazing because it’s you. Confidence is half the battle, and we’re here to help you look and feel your best. From all of us at Bouvi, we’re wishing you a happy hot girl summer! 


Extensions are (literally) an extension of yourself. Find your perfect look. 

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